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Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press

The hydraulic deep drawing press is a specially designed machine in high accuracy and excellent performance, for deep drawing and forming metal plates. The capacity range from 10 Tons to 3000 Tons is available as customers’ demands.

SLS-1200D Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press model of SLS-1200D product image


  1. Safe and precise control system is easy to handle and work with great efficiency.
  2. Systematized hydraulic unit is designed for leak-prevention, anti-vibration and easy-maintenance.
  3. Each hydraulic press is manufactured under a strict quality control process to assure the best performance and accuracy.

Twin-hand push button panel. Photosensitive slide control panel.

TYPE SLS-800D SLS-1000D SLS-1500D
Capacity (ton) 800 1000 1500
Table Area (mm) 2500x1800 3000x2000 3500x2000
Open Height (mm) 1400 1600 1600
Stroke (mm) 1000 1200 1200
Cushion Capacity (ton) (mm) 240 350 500
Cushion Stroke (mm) 350 400 500
Descending Speed (mm / sec) 300~350 300~350 300~350
Pressing Speed (mm / sec) 10~20 10~20 10~20
Ascending Speed (mm / sec) 300~350 300~350 300~350
Main Motor (hp) 125 150 200
* Specifications shown are subject to change without notice for improvement purposes.

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