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With over 20 years' manufacturing experience and the integration of customers' feedback, we developed our High-Speed Hot/Cold Forging Hydraulic Press.

High rigid structure of straight side, in conjunction with eight-way guide rail against eccentric load, carries out great performance in precision.

The perfect mechanical function is achieved by design of high rigid & precise machine installed with hydraulic logic circuit, pressure accumulation system, and pressure booster system, wholly integrated with electric control system.

It's suitably applied for deep-drawing aluminum alloy and mold. Finished products are smoother, steadier and less deformed than other brands. In addition, the mold usage life is two times than mechanical press.

Capacity (ton) 800 1000
Raising Capacity (ton) 60 80
Open-Height (mm) 800 850
Stroke (mm) 600 600
Bolster Area(LR x FB mm) 900 x 1000 1000 x 1100
Descending Speed (mm / sec) 350 300
Pressing Speed (mm / sec) 20 - 30 20 - 30
Ascending Speed (mm / sec) 300 300
Die Cushion Capacity (ton) 50 60
Die Cushion Stroke (mm) 200 250
Main Motor (hp) 100 100
* Specifications shown are subject to change without notice for improvement purpose.

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