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Our company's quality policy strongly focuses upon; diligent service, quality and developing our outstanding brand "PROSPEROUS".

Establishment June, 1998
Location No.33, Rd. 36, Industrial Area, Taichung, Taiwan
Ideals Quality, Reputation, Innovation and Service.
Organization Hsin Lien Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is of a professional group with over 20 years’ experiences in related fields.
R&D With our profound experience, we insist on the faith to design and produce press machines of the best quality. We continue nonstop research & development as well as constant progress in technology to supply the machines of top quality for the manufacturing industry.
Major Products
  1. Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press
  2. 180° Reversing Type Spotting Press
  3. Hemming Machine
  4. High-Speed Hot/Cold Forging Press
  5. Double Crank Press
  6. Various Hydraulic Presses
  7. Peripheral Equipment Related to Hydraulic Press
* In addition to the standard specifications, we also can design and produce specific hydraulic press machines according to customer’s requirements.
Quality Approval Awarded ISO 9001 certification in February 2000.
Image of Quality Approval - ISO 9001:2008   Image of Quality Approval - ISO 9001:2008
Applied Industries Automobile Industry, Motorcycle Industry, Bicycle Industry, Kitchenware Industry, Furniture Industry, Home Appliance Industry, Motor Industry, Electric Fan Industry, Hand Tool Industry, Computer Industry, Plywood Industry, Dining Utensils Industry, Mold Industry…etc.
Future Prospect Based on the principle of business continuity and prosperity, we always strive and pursuer the continuous improvement to reach perfection, with the expectation to enjoy the bright perspective with all elites of the industry.

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